How is each product used?

Moderate-cost blocks are initially found under heavy amplifiers and speaker stand spikes. They are often used under turntable feet, but sometimes the system aspects of vibration control work against blocks and turntables.

Returns for unmarked blocks under turntables do occur.

Many users find that blocks placed directly underneath power sections of electronics, and even power and speaker cables(!), clarify sound further. Some users place the blocks directly under the cases of electronics for the best results.

Low-cost wafers can be placed under all electronics, both digital and analog. Ocean Audio first used wafers in 2017 to level turntables, electronics, and even racks. Next wafers were placed under all electronics. Later, blocks were added under speaker spikes and external power supplies. At this point, talking to Les Davis became of high importance. Wafers and blocks affect systems similarly to very good cables at a relatively lower cost. :)

Les Davis offers an LP mat as a specialty product. Again, due to system aspects an LP Mat may or may not help. Ocean Audio places a LDA LP Mat under a conventional felt mat. This also helps when cartridge switching is done so that adjusting VTA may not be needed.