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[Entropic] Better separation between instruments. Highs were refined.
[Soul Mat] I wasn't expecting the 2 mm mat to make such a difference immediately. The quieter background seems to give me more dynamics.
[Ocean Audio] Always a pleasure to deal business with. Quite enjoy the product and the customer service that was received was 5 stars.
[3D2] The improvement in my sound is out of proportion to the seeming simplicity of these pads.
Ocean Audio has given me prompt and personal service.
Envelope is sufficient
Under electronic components; DACs and Analog Amps, the sound was immediately better when using the wafers. They should be considered a standard item to include in a system.

Under the turntable, the blocks and wafers didn't provide a noticeable audio difference; it may be smart to place wafers under the turntable any way, but I'm not sure.

While not as dramatic, as the use of wafers under the feet of components, the LP Mat did improve the sound on the turntable slightly. Glad I purchased it, but more glad I purchased two boxes of the 3D2 wafers.
Great having blocks under my heavy amp. The wafers open the sound stage a bit when under my DAC and preamp.
My custom 26X28" Butcher Block platform arrived safely and I immediately painted it black-it looks fabulous! It provides me with ample room for vinyl supplies and the additional real estate necessary for adding a second tonearm-thank you Ocean Audio and Butcher Block!
Under SACD and digital devices, the pads gave instant and obvious benefits. While the sound was tighter, the vividness of the pixels on the screen was so obviously improved that I was startled.

The blocks provided some benefit under Rega P3 & P6 turntables, but the P8 showed no improvement. Each situation seems different. You have to try them and return what doesn't work for you. They may work for someone else. I haven't tried blocks under speaker stand spikes.

I am very cynical. I don't believe in many accessories and expected to find Les Davis Audio of little value, but I was wrong. Depending on the actual setup, each product may offer value. I ordered more pads.

Since, as a dealer, I install equipment, I keep them handy and see if how they work in each home.
Great service and incredibly quick to ship. A perfect experience. Thanks so much!