How to Start with Small Vibration Control Products

1. Don't overcommit. Order one box of Les Davis Audio wafers and place 4 under your DAC and the other four under a pre-amp or power supply or just use a couple to level your equipment.

2. If you're happy with the results such as more clarity or a wider soundstage, consider ordering one box of blocks and place them under a turntable. If sound quality is better, be happy. If not, move them under your heaviest device such as an amplifier.

3. If the outcomes are good, consider ordering more wafers for your other electronics such as XBoxes or PS5s and placing blocks underneath speaker spikes and any equipment with spikes, symbol side up.

4. A decision to make is whether to place blocks under feet or directly underneath devices. As a basic rule, its better to place the bodies of devices like preamps orĀ  directly on blocks.

5. You may prefer to use feet on wafers. If so, replace lower-quality feet with Butcher Block Iso-bands.

6. At this point, a specialty product such as the LP Mat from Les Davis Audio may benefit your listening. Try one. Experiment. Ocean Audio places the LP Mat under a felt mat when using a Dynavector XX-2 cartridge and removes it when using an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze on a Rega. This allows different cartridge heights to be used without adjusting VTA, which is painful on a Rega!