3 LDA Blocks, LDA pad & BBA Platform

Rigid Racks

Beautiful racks that help acoustically benefit your home and listening. They have a high partner acceptance factor.

Racks can always be improved or upgraded by adding vibration control to their feet or wood platforms to further isolate components.

Butcher Block's Double B wood platforms and Iso-Feet offer vibration control features.

Butcher Block Acoustics, uses walnut and Pennsylvania Maple exclusively.

Stand Vibration Control

Spikes are meant to pierce through carpet and connect with a solid wood floor.

Most floors aren't solid. They are either laminates usually "floating" on a plastic layer or carpets/floors that are undesirable to permanently damage.

Using a metal cup for a spike merely reflects energy back, whether a rack or speaker sits on wood or carpet. Constrained Layer blocks both drain energy from the stands and isolate them.

Monitors Rest on Vibration Control

Whether speakers are floor-standing or sitting on a tabletop, their cabinets need vibrations drained, while remaining isolated from their room.

Electronic equipment, especially ones connected directly to AC mains, benefit from Les Davis Audio Vibration Control: 3D(2) pads, Entropic Blocks, Bases, LP Mats