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Butcher Block Acoustics

Butcher Block Acoustics - Turntable Acrylic Covers

Butcher Block Acoustics - Turntable Acrylic Covers

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Acrylic Covers from Butcher Block:

  1. Fully cover turntable. They do not have open sides.
  2. Have anti-dust, turntable cable openings.
  3. Do not have hinges that vibrate during the playing of records.

They are sold to fit particular turntable platforms listed on this website. Many sizes are available. Please contact Ocean Audio with the name of your turntable manufacturer and model. The 6-inch-tall cover fits the 18 x 15-inch platform listed on this site, which suits Rega 8 turntables. An eight-inch-tall cover may fit your table, for example.

Shipping is included in the pricing.

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