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Butcher Block Acoustics

Butcher Block Acoustics - Turntable Platform

Butcher Block Acoustics - Turntable Platform

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Many turntables either lack covers or are partially open; neither approach adequately protects the turntable and cartridge.

Also, dust covers with hinges vibrate when records are played. The acrylic dust cover from Butcher Block is removed during play and keeps dust away from cables when the table isn't operating. This is a big win.

The platform and cover shown work wonderfully with Rega turntables, but many other sizes are available. Please contact Ocean Audio with the name and model of your turntable, and we'll issue you a quote.

The standard platform dimension is 1.5 inches thick by 18 inches wide x 15 inches deep. It is sold separately from the Dust Cover. Shipping provided within the United States.

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