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Les Davis Audio

Les Davis Audio - Soul Mat - 2 mm

Les Davis Audio - Soul Mat - 2 mm

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Based on the second-generation 3D2 design, the LDA 2 mm thick Soul Mat isolates an LP record while damping vibrations. Your cartridge should provide more information and clarity.

The 2 mm thick Soul Mat performs better than the 1 mm 33 1/3 LP Mat and directly replaces most felt mats without requiring any adjustments to cartridge positioning. It is more popular and effective. 

For example, on a Rega P8, the 2 mm thick Soul Mat replaced the original felt mat used with an Ortofon Cadenza, but when swapping the Cadenza with a Dynavector DV-XX2MKII, the 1 mm 33 1/3 Mat under a Soul Mat served well without adjusting the tonearm's vertical height.

The 33 1/3 Mat uses concentric circles in its design, while the Soul Mat has colors.

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